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From left to right: harnesses, Arlo camera and leather fishtail and fabric Martingale collars

Episode 11: Recorded February 20, 2021

“You see these discussions all the time on Greyhound groups. ‘What’s the best ______ for my Greyhound?'”

John Parker, host of Greyhound Nation

Show Notes

Use the right tool for the job. This mantra applies to Greyhound ownership as much as it applies to car maintenance. New Greyhound owners often have questions about what “Greyhound gear” they need to care for and manage their new companion:

“What’s the difference between a buckle collar and Martingale collar?”

“My Greyhound pulls on walks. Should I invest in a harness?”

“Is this crate too small for my Greyhound?”

In this episode, host John Parker and producer Michael Burns tackle these questions and more in the first ever gear show. Topics of interest to both new and veteran Greyhound owners alike include:

  • Select the right collar and leash
  • Sizing a crate or exercise pen
  • Monitoring your Greyhound with security cameras and GPS collars

Links to all of the products and vendors mentioned in the episode are listed below. Listeners are invited to comment on our website and Facebook page with their own “Greyhound gear” recommendations.


Martingale Collars

Leather Fishtail Collars

Prong Collars



Leads / Leashes

Crates, Ex-Pens and Indoor Kennels

Cameras and GPS Collars

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